Recently, I’ve begun experimenting with a fresh approach to my painted work based on the use of mixed media (acrylic, oil, powdered pigments, charcoal) applied in a much more expressionistic fashion. These pieces are allowing me to explore my emotional response to my subjects more freely and fully, and I’m excited by this new journey. However, it’s not all smooth sailing: these pieces require much more engagement from me, an intense and wordless conversation as I work on them, compared to the more representational oils. And because each piece is a mini-adventure, my failure rate is fairly high (so my burn pile is growing).

My more representational oils reflect a joyful use of color and a willingness to experiment that has led me to the new mixed media approach.

Horses were my first love, artistically, and I adore color. The horse ranches and small-town rodeos of Montana and Wyoming give me wonderful fodder to combine those two passions. I spend plenty of time every summer standing in the dust, heat, and light of rodeo arenas photographing and soaking up the action and intensity.