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Every piece is unique and original

Each work of art that I create represents a moment I experienced in the field with my beloved wildlife and western subject matter. I spend weeks every year in observing, sketching, and photographing wildlife, horses, and rodeos throughout the Rockies. This material becomes the basis for my art; each piece may take up to a week or more of design work, playing with compositions, trying many variations in both physical and digital sketches. I'm not interested in rehashing the same image and the same composition repeatedly in the service of sales; I want each work of art to be unique to the moment, to my vision, and to the collector in whose home it will live. When you purchase that work of art, the meaning becomes yours; you experience your own feelings and stories about the image. I start the piece; you complete it.


I use only high-quality materials

Everything I create is made with museum-quality archival materials. I use professional-grade artists' oil and acrylic paints, archival supports like triple-primed 100% cotton canvas and acid-free papers, and custom-ordered professional scratchboards. Paintings are finished with multiple coats of protective varnish; scratchboards receive at least 5 coats of a matte final fixative that deepens the black and makes the surface tougher.

My work fits multiple decors

If your decor is contemporary: consider any of my media (watermedia, scratchboard, oil).

If your decor is more traditional: The gallery-wrap oils can be hung without a frame, can suit a floater frame, or can go into a traditional drop-in frame, which allows them to fit a range of decorating styles, including more traditional.

Framing can fit any decor: The scratchboards, with their black-and-white purity, can fit almost any decor, depending on how they are framed. A scratchboard in a minimalist floater frame looks good with many styles of interiors. Or, in a wider and heavy black frame with silver lip, they have the substance to work in more rustic interiors.


Art is scientifically proven to be good for your body and mind

Wow -- I didn't know any of this myself until now! Looking at art can reduce your levels of stress and make you feel better. It can help you be more creative and less mentally fatigued; one researcher even said that viewing art is like sending your brain to a gym. This means having my work in your home can only bring you more good things.


My work is guaranteed and risk free

All work is sold ready to hang, unless noted otherwise. Gallery-wrapped oils are usually wired to hang without a frame; scratchboards and watermedia pieces come to you framed and wired for hanging.

Each piece is signed; if you are purchasing directly from me, the work will come to you custom-crated, with insured shipping included in the price.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed - period. If for any reason you don't like the work or don't feel it fits your home, you can return it for a full refund.


You become part of the journey

When you buy my work, you are not just acquiring my art. You are now part of my artistic journey, and you have a tangible, beautiful reminder of that journey. I am always questing to grow and evolve in my work; your purchase enables that, and you are crucial to my growth and evolution.

Art is not a necessity of the flesh, but it is most definitely sustenance for the spirit. I seek to share with you the meaning and essence of my subjects.